5 Reasons To Go For A Natural Jute Area Rug

Over the years, we moved around a bit and everywhere we went, we made our house more comfy and home with rugs. Especially when we moved to Asia, I came to love jute rugs.

I wish I had appreciated them before, but now that we have them, I don’t think we’ll ever go back. Why? I have 5 great reasons for that!

1. Jute rugs can go with any interior

Jute rugs are natural fiber rugs that can go with a laid back rustic interior as well as a more industrial look. Jute rugs add a natural element to your interior. They complement your interior pieces and tie them together with other natural elements, such as your wooden floor, cabinets, baskets and accessories. We even combined a blue rug made of wool with a natural jute rug in our living room- it totally works.

Next to that, natural fiber rugs are calm and grounding in design. If you like to change things around, or use a lot of color in your accessories like pillows and art work, a natural colored jute rug is the perfect base to work with. It doesn’t compete visually with the rest of our decorative accents and therefor, you can swap your decor whenever you feel like!

Grounding and comfy!

2. Good quality handmade jute rugs are comfy – really they are!

A lot of people have it in their mind that jute rugs can’t be cozy and comfortable. But actually, jute rugs are available in various grades of softness. It depends on the quality of jute that has been used as well as the way they’ve been manufactured. If you use a good quality of jute like we do, your rug will feel lovely underfoot.

At 25hands, we always tell our customers to kick off their shoes and feel the rug with bare feet. It tells them more than any other information we can give them! And to make them even more comfortable, add a good rug pad underneath.

3. Jute rugs are easy to clean and ideal for families

One of the best features of jute rugs is that they are super easy to keep clean and can handle a family. They’re not too sensitive to dirty feet or even dirty paws! You can vacuum them, mud and sand can be brushed off and you can scrub them with water and (natural) soap. And the great thing is that if you do get a serious stain, you can flip it! Natural fiber rugs are generally the same on both sides.

Especially if you have a dining table, jute rugs are ideal. They hardly show any stains and are forgiving with food spills.  Ideal for families with small children!

4. Good quality jute rugs are durable and eco-friendly

Jute is a fast-growing, replaceable fiber, made of plants. The production of jute area rugs doesn’t have harmful effect on the environment. These sustainable rugs make great alternatives to potentially costly machine-made rugs. They’re recyclable as well as biodegradable.

5. Jute rugs are affordable, even if they are custom made

At 25hands Rug Studio, we make custom made jute rugs. Might sound expensive, but it really is not. Jute is a very affordable material. The benefit of custom made that is that our lovely jute rugs come in any size you need, so you can adjust the size to the size of your room or your dining table.

For customers who like a jute rug, but need a bit more color, we made our Blue jute rugs and our Stripey Jute. Stripey comes in two designs; regular stripes and thin and broad stripes combined.

For bedrooms, playrooms, home offices or that little corner in your room that needs cheering up, our round rugs and Daffodils are perfect additions. They’ll bring you comfort and style, exactly what the style doctor ordered.