The story

There is an Indian saying that it takes 25 hands to make a handmade rug. Starting from the uncoloured yarn and finishing with your own handwoven rug, the process of making a hand woven rug involves old dyeing and weaving traditions that are vital for the rug industry in India.


It starts with mixing the right color. This can only be done by the master dyer. This is a profession that cannot be taken lightly, as it is often passed down from father to son. He will dye the yarn, after which it is dried outside in the sun, giving texture and vibrancy to the textile.

Spinning and weaving

Using traditional hand powered winders, our artisans then spin the dry yarn to a thread, getting it ready for the shuttles and weaving. This is followed by the actual weaving of the rug. 25hands makes use of traditional weaving techniques, applying them to designs with a contemporary look and feel. The individual weaving techniques and the slight variations in the yarn ensure  that each rug is unique and that is exactly how we like it.

Finishing and shipping

The rug is then washed, gently scrubbed and dried. This allows our rugs to shrink just enough to tighten up the weave and increase durability. The finishers check every corner and surface of your rug, cutting any loose threads and stitching on the labels by hand.

Finally, your rug is prepared for shipping. After a comprehensive  quality check, they are rolled and carefully packed for safe travel. Each 25hands rug will see its final destination at your home, looking exactly as you wished and making you feel even more at home.

Social responsible

25hands operates in a social responsible way; it is important to us that everybody involved in the production of our rugs, benefits from them. With your 25hands rug you help us support local artisans, many of them women, by providing them with an independent, fair and constant income and a safe place to work. We demand from all our suppliers that they don’t employ children.