Latest Projects

Living in Ho Chi Minh City

This beautiful old French house has been made more personal by using several of the 25hands rugs. Our natural jute carpet is placed in the living room. It has a touch of gold in it that is only noticeable when the light is directly on it, giving the rug a subtle warm glow.

Black and white industrial look

For his living room, our client was looking for a rug with a more graphic appearance. We asked him to send us photos of the room so that we could create something especially for him. This black and white Hassina rug, made of soft wool, is matched his furniture perfectly, while giving the room a more cosy look.

Warm patterns in Singapore

We were asked by a couple who just moved to Singapore, to make their house feel more like a home. Their furniture is of a more neutral style and they wanted to add some color to their house. Our interior designer used some of the art that they own as a starting point for our rug design for them, so that the room really came together.

Creating warmth in the living room

This family was struggling with the marble floor in their house. Beautiful as it is, they found it also hard and a bit cold. This blue jute carpet, that we have in our collection, was the perfect solution and made all the difference.

Brightening up the nursery

We were approached by an interior designer who wanted to add some color to the nursery of her client. Instead of painting the walls, we proposed this nice and soft Sucre rug. The rug adds color to the room while adding warmth to the room and muting all sounds. Shhhh….the baby is sleeping!