September 14, 2017

Feel like a jetsetter in your own home!

Who doesn’t love holiday vibes at home? The travel-inspired decorating trend makes you  feel like you’re sipping a mojito in the Bahamas while relaxing in your own living room!

Besides creating the Bon Voyage spirit, this trend instantly steps up your styling game with its use of ethnic textiles, loud colours, beautiful embroidery, and artisanal furniture.

As a result of the worldwide financial situation over the last few years, the overall sentiment of people is now about going “back to basics”. The new luxury is to be offline and disconnected from your phone and computer, which explains why activities such as yoga and meditation, allowing people to reconnect with themselves, are more popular than ever. It also explains why products that are handmade from natural materials like jute, rattan, wood, and recycled glass are so popular right now; they perfectly fit the boho travel trend.

How can you achieve this travel-inspired look at home?

  1. Switch up your current lighting – change them to or rattan pendants from Bali or Moroccan metal hanging ones.
  2. Implement ethnic colours like reds, oranges, and blues in soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs and cushions. Rugs and carpets make an instant change to your interior, bring them from your travels or have some made based on your travel inspirations
  3. Install decorative tiling for your kitchen and bathrooms or put a patterned wallpaper on your walls.
  4. Replace old furniture with natural pieces, using materials such as rattan or wood.
  5. And, last but not least, the easiest method: bring travel souvenirs from your travels and hang them on the wall or show them off on display shelves.
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